Testserver is now closed!

Beta is now closed, thanks for participating!

Welcome to the Metin2 Testserver!

Dear players,
Our beta server is open! The testing phase for Metin2’s Balancing Optimisation can now begin.

You won’t have to register a new account. If you want to take part in our live testing process, simply log-in using your existing account and choose the character you wish to copy to the beta server.

For more information, visit the official forum for the new beta server: International

FAQ - Beta Server

How can I copy my character over to the beta server?

  • 1. Visit the website at https://beta.metin2.gameforge.com.
  • 2. Enter your username and password on the right-hand side.
  • 3. Then select the country in which your account was made.
  • 4. Click ‘Login’.
  • 5. Select the server on which your character exists.
  • 6. Decide on a character to be copied across to the beta server.
  • 7. Click ‘Copy’.
  • 8. Check again that you have selected the correct character and then confirm.

Your character will be copied over during the next maintenance. Once copying is completed you will be able to also use your account on the beta server.

Note: As the beta server is international, we will be marking your account with a country code for reference. So if you originally play on a UK server, you will need to attach a ‘_en’ to be able to log in to the beta server.

Which country code do I need to attach to my username?

Here’s a list of the countries and their correspondent code:

  • _ae = United Arab Emirates
  • _cz = Czech Republic
  • _de = Germany
  • _dk = Denmark
  • _en = Great Britain (UK)
  • _es = Spain
  • _fr = France
  • _gr = Greece
  • _hu = Hungary
  • _it = Italy
  • _nl = Netherlands
  • _pl = Poland
  • _pt = Portugal
  • _ro = Romania
  • _ru = Russia
  • _tr = Turkey

When are the server maintenances taking place?

We will be taking down the servers for maintenance each weekday at 9 AM and 3 PM German time.

What will be copied over to the beta server?

We copy all the relevant information regarding your character onto the beta server. This includes:

  • Inventory
  • Dragon Stone Alchemy
  • Quests
  • Equipment
  • Pets

What will not be copied?

All systems that are account-wide or those that are not technically feasible for copying. This includes:

  • Storeroom
  • Friends List
  • Guild
  • Block List

Will my character and all items be copied immediately after selecting the character?

No, this process will always first occur with the next server maintenance. All items and the equipment will then be copied to the beta server at this time. For this reason, ensure that you have all of the items you may need in your inventory 30 minutes prior to the maintenance at the very latest, otherwise they may not be copied over.

Can I copy more than one character per account?

You may only copy one character per account. So be sure to carefully think over which character you want to play as on the beta server.

Can I copy a character from a blocked account?

No, this is not possible.